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(3/4 French Bulldog)

(1/4 Boston Terrier)

Kali is a 3rd generation Frenchton in our family! It all started with Kali's Grandma 'Kate'. Out of Kate, came Stella, who we got from my parents. And then we bred Stella to our one and only, late stud Steely Dan, which produced Kali's litter, and Kali went back to my parents. Did you follow that riddle? Ha! Kali has blessed us with two litters of gorgeous Frenchton puppies over the past couple years, and we are giving her a longer break before she has her final litter and then goes into full retirement on the ranch with my parents. Since Kali is 3/4 French Bulldog and 1/4 Boston Terrier, her babes are actually 7/8 Frenchie. A sliver under purebred, with just a little more leanness, leg length, and endurance from their Momma's Boston piece. She is attached to my Mom like velcro, and is deeply loyal. She loves to play the "baby of the family" card over at their house, but she comes by the title honestly. She is very athletic, adventurous, and so super sweet! She brought us many incredible Frenchton puppies over the past couple of years but now, she is spayed and living out the good retirement life on my Mom's lap forever. :)

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