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Pollie Poquito Bandito

DNA: ay/at co/n E/e n/s

Garrett will tell everybody that Pollie is a Daddy's girl! In fact he says "Her Pollie Poquito her Daddy's little Bandito!!" He calls her Bandito because when she looks up, her mask makes her look like she has a handlebar mustache. Ha! 

Pollie is our little hunka-chunka-burnin-love! She's just the apple of her Daddy's eye and our mellow little potato! Confirmation wise she is our most 'extreme' Frenchie in the program; as you can see she has insane face wrinkles, a double rope, massive head, very short leg and body, she is super compact, and heavy boned! She's our She-Male through and through! She sadly miscarried her first pregnancy, and then we missed her second attempt! We are hanging onto hope that 3rd time will be the charm and some Pollie babies are hopefully headed our way this year!

0O3A8313 w.jpg
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