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RVF Frenchton Bristol

7/8 French Bulldog 1/8 Boston Terrier

Bristol is 3rd generation Frenchton lines for us, via Momma Sophie and Grandma Luna! Bristol was our first ever cream Frenchton, and we fell in love immediately when her litter was born and knew we had to keep her. She is a true, ideal, textbook Frenchton. More athletic than a full Frenchie, a little lighter weight, great breathing, higher endurance, and overall a tick more energy (that's the Boston side!). But none less loyal, affectionate, doting and smart! We really wanted to keep Luna and Sophie's light-on-their-feet, incredibly agile and athletic, as well as loyal and smart disposition in these lines, and we couldn't be happier with the resulting Bristol continuing on this legacy! 2023 is her time to shine and take over reign from Luna and Sophie as they are both retired now. Her first breeding is planned with our Cowboy in April 2023, and the team is super excited!

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