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RVF VioLatte's Vivacious Vienna

DNA: at/at d/d B/b Co/co EM/e n/S n/M L4

3rd generation VioLatte lines! Vienna is actually Zola's daughter and Vio's granddaughter, but when she was named Vienna by G's Mom, we had to go with the V theme. We call her Vee for short and she happens to also be the Crown Jewel of the RVF program currently. She carries absolutely everything on the DNA side including fluffy, and she'll be the first producer of full fluffy puppies for RVF in 2023! But besides that, we really took our time with building these lines and this specific dog even, to make sure we nailed the confirmation, structure, and health before we headed into fluffy! One thing we love about Vee is how beautifully she breathes, just like her Mom and Grandma. But we were able to keep a straight, correct, heavy boned dog with a gorgeous big head and perfect jaw set (esp for a female) who still has the cobby short and thick body that we love in correct Frenchies, as well as athleticism and great agility. She's athletic as can be, but you wouldn't never guess it by her build! She's so incredibly smart, a huge lover, always wants to please, and she's Nelly house sister and BFF. We are SO excited about her future in the program, but regardless of that end we just love that she's a forever part of our family.

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