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RVF Frenchton Priscilla

7/8 French Bulldog 1/8 Boston Terrier

Miss Pris is 4th generation Frenchton lines for us, via Momma Kali, Grandma Stella, and Great-Grandma Kate! We are so proud of this entire lineage and what we have built, and built on to achieve it. Priscilla is very much still a Frenchton representing that high energy and endurance level from the ever-strong boston side. She can go for days and that is a big reason why we recommend Frenchtons for more active families. They can keep up a tad bit better than the full French. While having a little more leanness, they are still stealthy on the muscle side of Frenchie things, and every bit as hilarious, comical, personable, and sociable. 2024 is Priscilla's time to officially take over in her generation of RVF legacy, as her previous lady successors are all spayed and retired. We will breed her back to our in-house RVF full French Bulldog studs for Frenchtons that come in at 15/16th French/Boston.

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