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RVF Violatte's Wild Wilma

DNA: at/at d/d CO/co EM/EM M/m

 Kerri's girl Wilma was one of 3 program keepers we held back from VioLatte's second litter, that which included RVF siblings Ava and Cowboy as well. We just couldn't move on without solidifying the future of our Vio lines, considering how healthy Vi is and how spectacular her personality is. Wilma follows in her Momma Vi's footsteps for sure with that smart and zany vibrant personality and small muscular frame. But then she got her merle patterning and athletic build from her Daddy's side, producing a beautiful well-balanced Frenchie, perfect blend of both parents, and we are excited for her to step into filling Vio's space in the program in 2023!

Big plans ahead for Wild Willie!

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