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Pollie Poquito Bandito

DNA: ay/at co/n E/e n/s

Garrett will tell everybody that Pollie is a Daddy's girl! In fact he says "Her Pollie Poquito her Daddy's little Bandito!!" He calls her Bandito because when she looks up, her mask makes her look like she has a handlebar mustache. Ha! 

Pollie is our little hunka-chunka-burnin-love! She's just the apple of her Daddy's eye and our mellow little potato! Confirmation wise she is our most 'extreme' Frenchie in the program; as you can see she has insane face wrinkles, a double rope, massive head, very short leg and body, she is super compact, and heavy boned! She's our She-Male through and through, yet has one of the biggest empath hearts and insatiable love for children!

0O3A8313 w.jpg
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