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Rogue Valley Frenchies was founded in 2017 by Garrett & Mandy Beebe. A passion and call we've been pursuing ever since. In 2022 we were blessed to get to add Dr. Kristi Stone, DVM and Kerri Drews, LVT to our Rogue Valley Frenchies team!

Together, it is our vision and passion to not only share our love for the French Bulldog breed with families all over, but to also bring those families the healthiest and most correct and well-tempered French Bulldogs possible. The French Bulldog recently moved up to the #1 position in the AKC's list of most popular breeds. People have caught on to what wonderful and special companion dogs they are! But with this popularity comes an overabundance of breeding, and sadly so many unhealthy breeding practices. In our program, all of our dogs go through an extensive reproductive testing protocol, in both DNA genetics testing, as well as physical clinical examinations and tests in hospital with Dr. Kristi and Kerri.


While we cannot ever absolutely guarantee a 'perfect' dog, we can guarantee you will get the best of us, you will get the best of our combined knowledge and skills, and you will get the best of confirmation, health, and quality in your puppy. We'd be honored for you to be a part of our

Rogue Valley Frenchies Family!

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