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RVF Frenchton Poppy

3/4 French Bulldog 1/4 Boston Terrier

Our girl Poppy is a 2nd generation keeper from our Frenchton lines (3rd generation on our Frenchie side) via Momma Luna and Daddy Haze (Haze is a Harley Mae son). Just deep and strong RVF lines here. But what we love about Poppy, is (well - many things!) that we saw a lot of the Boston come through in her Frenchton hybrid. More than any other Frenchton we've had! Which is neat because it just goes to show you how generational lines are still important and strong. So with the teeny 21 pound lightweight body, Pops is incredibly athletic and agile! And with a little more snout than full Frenchies, she has incredible breathing and is fast as lightning, keeping up with the labs and all. Personality wise, she very quirky just like Momma Luna, but you wont find a more loyal dog. If you like the type that won't just go run off with anyone, never needs a leash because they'll never be provoked to leave your side.....this is the dog. Not everyone loves that personality, but its my (Mandy's) favorite! So smart, silly, loyal and easy to have and love on. Pops steps into the program as a Momma herself in 2023 and we are so excited for more full in-house production Frenchton babes!

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