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Favorite Products

Some of the RVF team's top product picks!

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Hills Puppy.JPG

Hill's Science Diet Puppy
Chicken & Brown Rice recipe

We most often send puppies home on this as we've just had such a great consistent result across many litters and different gastrointestinal needs.

Hill's Science Diet Adult
Chicken & Barley recipe

In the Beebe household where we have Violet, Luna, and Pollie we are feeding this. For our 3 girls again, it has given us the most consistent long term positive result. Vio has a bit of a sensitive stomach and she does great on this.

Hills Adult.JPG

Purina Pro Plan Puppy
Chicken & Rice formula

This is another one we all love and recommend. Purina's Pro Plan line is pretty great and seems to sit well on most everyone's stomach while keeping their coat and body compositions super healthy.

Purina Pro Plan Adult
Chicken & Rice formula

A perfect transition from puppy to adult staying with Purina's excellent Pro Plan line. And they really love the shredded chicken blend.


Purina Pro Plan
Sensitive Stomach

Salmon & Rice formula

While the regular PPP line usually makes most of the French happy, every dog is different and its own individual, and some struggle with more gastro sensitivity which translates to vomiting/regurgitating and/or diarrhea. Dr. Kristi says this formula completely stopped her Ava's pukefest.

Nutri Source
Small & Medium Breed Puppy
Chicken Meal & Rice recipe

Kerri feeds and loves the Nutri Source line and for good reason. It's another option we have seen great consistency in result with in both puppies and adults.

0O3A8444 lr.jpg
NS Adult.JPG

Nutri Source Adult
Chicken & Rice Recipe

Again just a perfect transition from the Nutri puppy, and a great overall brand that we highly recommend and that seems to do well in a wide range of Frenchie adults.

Life's Abundance
Small & Medium Breed Puppy

We love Life's Abundance as well and especially the beautiful soft and sleek coats the dogs have eating this. Just another tool in the belt of options depending on your specific puppy.

LA Puppy..jpg
LA Adult..jpg

Life's Abundance
All Life Stages

We love Life's Abundance as well and especially the beautiful soft and sleek coats the dogs have eating this. Technically their All Life Stage dog food covers puppies, adults, and senior dogs alike. But we like a puppy formula with a little higher protein content, so we always recommend starting littles on the puppy formula and then graduating to this at 1yr.

Life's Abundance
Revitalizing Shampoo

Life's Abundance has our all-time favorite dog shampoo. Normally we say absolutely not when it comes to scented anything for dogs, but this formula is still incredibly gentle on young puppies and even the most sensitive-skinned dogs. It makes their coats so soft, and the yummy smell lasts for quite a while.


Purina Pro Plan

Purina hit it out of the park with this one. Most pet food formulas are designed to provide your dogs with a balanced diet full of everything they need. But again, case by case and there are some more sensitive dogs, OR dogs that normally are not sensitive but have an acute response (they ate something they shouldn't have and now have the squirts). Having FortiFlora on hand is something we recommend to everyone with a dog, not even just a Frenchie. These come in individual daily powder packets you sprinkle on their food. It's a fantastic probiotic gut health booster. We don't recommend keeping anyone on this long term, but a 30-day regime, or even just an acute usage for a few days or a week will be greatly supportive for your pet.

Benebone Chew Toys

Our whole team really loves the Benebone line for Frenchies! Mainly because clinically, Dr. Kristi & Kerri don't see impaction issues or broken teeth very often in hospital from these, as they do other toys and brands. And they seem to last forever, so everyone loves that!


Nylabone Chew Toys

Same as the Benebone, we really love the Nylabone line for the same reasons - Clinically, Dr. Kristi & Kerri don't see impaction issues or broken teeth very often in hospital from these, as they do other toys and brands. And they last!

Frenchie Bulldog
Harnesses, Collars, & Leashes

We absolutely love the Frenchie Bulldog line of products, mainly their harnesses which are designed specifically and uniquely for French Bulldog body structures. It's always healthier with these brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds, to keep as much pull and tension off their throats as possible. Plus, they are all reversible and come in so many great designs!

0O3A1895 L.jpg

Life's Abundance
Porky Puffs

We love these porky puffs as a great alternative to rawhide or basically a ton of other doggie chew products out there on the market. Another one that the dogs thoroughly enjoy, but we don't have to worry about them choking on in the front end, or plugging up and impacting on in the back end. And they're great for all the ages from puppies to seniors.

Life's Abundance
Turkey & Berry Chewies

Another excellent treat option for all ages that we love are the turkey and berry chewies from Life's Abundance. All things in moderation so don't feed the whole bag in a day but, we find they are very gentle and easy on the tummy and the dogs absolutely love them!


Harnesses, Collars & Leashes

So I think G just likes to play contrarian to us ladies on the team but, his favorite harness brand that he gets for his personal dog (Pollie) is the Frenchiestore brand. Same exact idea as Frenchie Bulldog, both are designed for the brachycephalic breeds, both come in tons of great reversible designs, and they just hit all the marks for us. Same price even, but because they have metal hardware, G just feels like they seem higher quality. Tomatoes Tomatos. So our other favorite option.

Doggie Diapers

When the girls are in heat, these are the diapers we use. They come in packs of 3, all sorts of color/design options, and we order a size Large. They fit the girth of a Frenchie well, but are still adjustable on the length end for their short butts. Pro Tip: Line them with maxi pads! The big gawdy ones with wings and overnight absorbency, you can get the diapers to last a few days a time this way, and changing the pads regularly is more sanitary and clean for the dogs.

Diapers 1.JPG
Litter Pan.JPG

Puppy Litterbox Pan

A couple of years ago we changed over from potty training puppies with piddle pads, to using the litter pan system and we won't ever go back. We do keep piddle pads around for travelling with young pups but otherwise, we have several of these litter pans and use a pelletized bedding inside of them (mentioned below). We have found it to be so much more sanitary, it helps tremendously with smell, and the pups just seem to randomly be drawn to it from the very beginning. And while we start basic potty training here, they leave us at 8 weeks so the majority of that load is on the new family. This approach will definitely help you be more successful with that in home as well.

Tractor Supply Co.
Pine Pelletized Bedding

Horse stall bedding? For puppy litter? YES! A thousand times yes, but this specific exact one. It's cheap, but it is SAFE, and highly effective. There are Tractor Supply Stores all over creation but if you don't have one close, you can order a couple bags online. 

Pelletized Bedding.JPG
Heating Pad.JPG

Microwavable heated pet bed

Kerri recently discovered these for keeping puppies warm as she traveled to and from the clinic for work. Whatever puppies she is whelping at the time go along with her, and this was a great solution for keeping puppies temperature regulated, safe, warm and cozy.

Makeup Remover Wipes

This is one of my all-time favorite Dr. Kristi tips and tricks! Scent-Free Makeup remover wipes to clean frenchie faces! It makes total sense, they're safe enough and gentle enough, yet strong enough to remove makeup from people....of course they would work splendidly for eye boogers and tear stains. I'll even swipe the upper parts of dirty ears with them. So handy!

Makeup Wipes.JPG
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