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0O3A0152 w.jpg

RVF Oswald Beau Bocks

DNA: ay/ay D/d Co/co E/e n/S
STUD FEE: $2,500

Ozzy is a jaw-dropping maskless standard fawn that carries blue, cocoa, cream, and pied. He weighs in at an itty bitty 17.5 pounds, and is everything we want structurally for a correct AKC standard French Bulldog stud. Cobby doesn't even describe Ozzy, he's like a pocket/mini Frenchie and a perma-pup. But his "fun size" does not give way to his absolute correctness whatsoever. His bone is heavy, straight, short, and square. His feet are small, compact, and firmly set with beautiful angularity in the pastern. He has a great low-hung, thick-rooted small tail which he carries in proper low repose. Dense well-balanced muscle content that is in good proportion. A thick, loose-skinned neck and perfectly roached backline which falls gradually to a textbook rounding at his croup. We're very picky about croup areas and rear end movement because that also gives us a lot of indication of spine health. We are also in love with his massive square head and gorgeous jaw-line, his small but strong thick Frenchie ears - broad at the base with well-rounded tips, fantastic thick uni-rope, and perfectly straight and correct wide-set eyes. He's everything to us, and is a perfect way to size down your bigger females for smaller more correct puppies, or just maintain smaller correct Frenchies. To keep him primarily available for our program and RVF females, we are standing him to a limited number of outside females.

To reserve a breeding with Ozzy, we take a $500 deposit (that goes toward the stud fee), and a signed contract. Females must be approved by our team prior to reserving with one of our studs. 

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