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Ms Blue Diva Nala

DNA: ay/ay dd e/EM S/S

"Nelly" is a half sister to our beloved "Violet". Both are out the phenomenal stud 'Rhino', and while they are half sisters, their personalities couldn't be more different. Violet is confident, talkative, and a total outgoing diva child. Nelly is our most empathetic, kind, and sweetest girl of the pack! We swear she FEELS everything we feel. She had a litter of 2 she delivered on 2/19/21, one of which -  'Sunnie' we kept in the program! Just a couple weeks after that first litter, she also fostered 4 other puppies from another litter we had at the time! She is Mother Theresa in dog form and the most incredibly special dog!

Nell Bell, as we call her, is a stunning Blue Fawn Pied Frenchie. She is also full panel DNA tested, and health clear. We love that different than some of our other girls, she has a much more athletic build, and brings a bit more endurance and leanness to the program. One of our top goals is to match families with Frenchies that fit their lifestyle and family dynamic best, and Nelly is perfect for our active families. So we like to maintain that through in her offspring, as opposed to some of our others that we breed for thick and chunky. Variety, we like that :)

While Nelly LOVES babies and being a Mom so much, after 3 gorgeous litters it was time for her Momming days to come to an end. She now is thoroughly enjoying the throws of spoiled retirement right at home with G's Mom Robin, and her RVF sister Vienna. Nelly has left RVF a legacy that we will continue to honor and grow for many more generations. 

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