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Miss Blue Dansie Steele

DNA: ay/ay d/d EM/EM kb/kBr n/S

Dansie Steele is our first full program keep back, and is a direct daughter and namesake of our late stud, the one and only,  Steely Dan. Keeping a direct descendant of him meant everything to us. And she is so much like him in so many ways. She absolutely loves to cuddle, and legitimately "hugs" you. Like crawl up on your chest, put a paw on each side of your neck, and snuggle her face into you. She's a pure angel, and is wicked smart! She'll do any trick we throw at her, and is an incredibly fast learner. 

Dansie is a brilliant frosty blue brindle like her Daddy, and is also full panel DNA health tested and clear. She had 3 beautiful litters with us and is now officially retired and living her best days with her RVF guardian family in Southern Oregon.

0O3A5954 w.jpg
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