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Seminole Grace

DNA: ay/ay d/d kb/kBr S/S

Our sweet Gracie Bell! Grace is a blue brindle pied Frenchie and she is small, compact, and has absolutely beautiful features! But beyond that, she has a true heart of gold and is the sweetest soul. She is incredibly affectionate, loyal, and silly. We had some struggles with timing on her breeding attempts, and sadly had 2 misses in a row on her, but 3rd time was the charm and she blessed us with 3 precious babies in 2022. We have some concerns with her comfort and ability to carry future litters, therefore Gracie is a one and done Momma. That litter of 3 was her one and only, and now she is spayed and retired early living out her days with a wonderful full life still ahead with her guardian family! Every one of our dogs has a different story, but it will always be our utmost priority to make sure they are healthy, happy, thriving, and have the best quality of life first and foremost.

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