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(3/4 French Bulldog)

(1/4 Boston Terrier)

Sophie Rae is a 2nd generation RVF baby! She's a direct daughter of Luna, and our late stud Steely Dan, from their 1st Frenchton litter together. She's a beautiful blue brindle, and other than a bit more athletic ability and slightly longer leg than a standard pure Frenchie, she pretty much looks pure Frenchie! She is 3/4 French 1/4 Boston and has a gorgeous, perfectly balanced Frenchton confirmation. She is fun and exuberant, and absolutely sweet as pie! She had her first litter in 2021, a stunning litter of 8 Frenchton babies. And then she just recently delivered another litter of 7 in early 2022! Sophie makes THEE absolute most perfect babies, they are truly what we consider flawless Frenchtons.... However, she has had 2 large litters, and while she's an amazing dog in general, she doesnt "looove" motherhood. So those factors considered, we decided to spay her after those 2 litters and let her live out her retirement life with her awesome guardian family. Again, what is in the best interest of our dogs, will always be our number one priority.

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