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Kerri Drews, LVT

We adore Kerri so much. She has become not only an important and valued member of our team, but she has truly become a good friend we are honored to have. She’s one of the hardest workers we know, with such a sharp mind and intuition, and a huge heart for animals! Not to mention her years of vast knowledge and experience that is absolutely priceless.

Along with her sister, Doc, Kerri was also born and raised in Minden, NV, where she grew up breeding, raising, and showing paint horses. Something both she and Dr. Kristi are still very actively involved in today. Kerri attended the University of Nevada - Reno and graduated with her bachelors in Animal Science in 2009. With both her combined degree and hands-on experience hours working in clinic, she was able to sit for the Licensed Veterinary Technician boards, and passed gaining her official LVT accreditation. Kerri is not only the lead Veterinary Technician at Kreature Komforts Animal Hospital here in Sparks, but she is also the hospital manager. Her responsibilities are immense but her passion still lies in providing quality compassionate care to all of her patients. The VetMed field is not for the faint of heart, but she’s been doing it for close to 17 years now and there is none better in this industry, I can promise you that!

Kerri, you mean the world to us! We are so incredibly grateful to have you on board, sharing the same passion for bettering the French Bulldog breed standard and letting the world know how special Frenchies are, when they are done correctly. Your insight and knowledge is priceless and your heart and soul behind it all is unparalleled!

The incomparable, Kerri Drews! (& Wilma)

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