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Violatte's Zola Blue

DNA: at/at d/d EM/EM

You guys, Zola is our keeper from Vio's first litter! She is Vio duplicated, in a different coat color. Ha! She is about as textbook perfect of a Frenchie as we can find. And I mean by correct AKC standards. She has solid and great bone, absolute correct stacking, backline, feet, breathing, beautiful head, health, temperament, everything! And of course her sheen and sleek blue and tan coloring is just breathtaking. Zola's litter was so excellent, we repeated the second one with the same Daddy and just kept back HALF of the litter for our program. That is how important these lines are to us. This is a quality we are not trying to improve upon, it's a quality we are trying to just maintain and preserve now.

Zola gave us a stunning litter of 4 in June of 2022; the litter from which our keeper and fluffy carrier Vienna came from. Right now we're giving Zo a nice long break and will bring her back from that for one more litter, and she'll be retired forever with her guardian family.

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