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Ms Blue Rhino Violatte

DNA: at/ay d/d EM/E n/s

Oh you guys, Violet is my DREAM dog. I was on a waiting list for well over a year for this girl, and she was everything I prayed for and more. Worth every second of the wait! Her personality is vibrant, comical, FUN, and incredibly loyal. She does a slew of tricks and talks constantly. Connected to Mom like velcro. She is our resident diva, full of drama and theatrics, and we absolutely love her for it! If you follow along on socials, you've surely caught at least a glimpse or two of videos showing her in all her natural dramatic glory. Ha! She is SO funny and captivating!

We also call her Violatte, as she is a beautiful warm blue fawn with a mask that shapes her eyes like diamonds. She is full panel DNA health clear, and has super fun and flexible coat color DNA. She weighs in at a beautiful average of 24 pounds, and is very short bodied, stocky, muscular, and has a gorgeous head!


Vio blessed us with 3 incredible litters and many amazing puppies. We kept back 4 for the RVF program, so while Vio is retired and spoiled rotten on my lap forever, we have Vio keepers stepping in starting in 2022 to fill Momma's active place in the program. We even have Vio Grandbabies on the ground these days! Pretty special lines from my personal heart dog. :)

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