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Garrett & Mandy Beebe

One of the main questions we get asked is, "How did you get into breeding Frenchies?" Well, like most random things we do, it wasn't planned and happened quite organically several years ago. Mandy's parents had a Frenchton female that they bred (Kate), who produced her first litter of Frenchtons, and we got a puppy from that litter (Stella), and completely fell in love with her! We knew we wanted one more but, wanted a baby from her specifically because she was so incredible and special to us. We decided to breed her and keep our favorite back as a family pet. In searching for a stud, we very unexpectedly and randomly ended up with Steely Dan, who was a purebred French Bulldog . Not just to breed, but we were able to actually buy him. (That is it's own whole special story!) And Dan was everything!! Everything. Never was there, and never will there ever be another stud dog like him in the world. Between Dan & Stella, we fell head over heels in love with this breed and we started expanding the program and studying everything we could. Utilizing my background in VetMed work, leaning on my Mom & Sister who ran Vet clinics as well as several Vet friends we have close connection with; we combined knowledge, experience, resources, and we started Rogue Valley Frenchies in 2017 with our first two litters. We found such a great passion in the process of breeding and whelping these sweet pups, the genetics, DNA and structure studies, the planning and carefully curating for health and temperament.... But most of all, we fell in love with the connections we made and helped establish between our puppies and their new families! THAT, is the BEST part.


Basically, all glory, all praise, all credit to God. The things we stumble into always seem to happen providentially through His sovereignty and pure grace. And we make it our top priority to honor Him in that. You will get the best of us, you will get the best of our knowledge and skills, and you will get the best of confirmation, health, and quality in your puppy. We'd be honored for you to be a part of our

Rogue Valley Frenchies Family!

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