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Breedings & Expectancies Update!

We've been puppy-less for a little while now and I think we're all feeling extra itchy for baby potatoes to be hanging around again. Thankfully, we just completed THREE full in-house RVF breedings so if everything goes as planned we should have our newest ones here around March 14th! Here's a little summary of what we have been working on.

ZOLA x DOZER: Doc & Kerri completed two collections with Dozer and side-by-side AI's with Zozo. Our first official time using our home-bred up and coming stud Dozer, and he did not disappoint! Doc confirmed this litter earlier this week, and we are offiically expecting these babies around 3/14!

Just for fun a dusty cell phone pic of one of these Zola x Dozer babies in utero this week at 26 days gestation. Baby bean!! So excited!

POLLIE x DOZER: This is sooo exciting too! Dozer performed great again this time and gave Doc a couple more stellar collections. New studs can take a little time to work into this but he's a natural and Dr. Kristi is obviously an expert so that helps our situations all the more! This will be litter number two for Pollie and Dozer both, with cream and pied hopefuls and all standards! Overall a breeding our team is very happy with, and we are excited and prayerful for a confirmation ultrasound when Doc checks Pollie early next week! If all is a go, we're looking for this litter around 3/28!

AVA x BIGGIE SMALLS: Lookout redheads!! Another breeding Dr. Kristi and Kerri crushed!! Ava is Doc's personal RVF Momma dog, and Smalls is Kerri's personal home dog. They both go to the clinic with Moms to work every week, so they're peripheral professionals as well. Ha! Ava is our program keeper from VioLatte, along with her sister Wilma who is also owned by Kerri. Are we confusing you yet?! Kerri just sent off a litter from her Wilma and Smalls breeding, and considering Ava and Wilma are full sisters, we're all the more excited for this litter that is practically the same genetics minus the merle factor. We just completed this breeding this week, so we're hoping to confirm at the end of this month and be able to look ahead to a 4/6-ish litter from them!

Last Note, we already have a list of reservations for these three litters, and we are only accepting TWO more reservations at this time. If we end up with puppies after the reservation list has picked and been filled, then we'll share them! Best place to be to guarantee a puppy is the reservation list though! We'll definitely have more puppy excitement coming this year. :)

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