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Welcoming our Zola x Dozer Frenchie puppies!

We made it, babies are here - born yesterday on 3/14!! 2 girls, 1 boy. Momma Zola and littles are all stable and doing well. It was a rough day watching and running multiple progesterones and checking babies intestinal peristalsis. Time and again things happen that aren’t according to textbook, and every time we turn to Doc & Kerri and go, what do we do?! Thank God for their literal partnership in RVF, because today their tough call saved a puppy’s life. We’re relieved and can breathe for a minute now that everyone is here and Momma is good, but only for a second because now starts the critical neonate timeline and we stay on close watch making sure puppies are eating every 2 hours, staying warm, not getting squished, gaining weight, thriving, etc. Talk to me in 2 weeks when I’m not a zombie. Zola’s guardian family got to pick honorary names this time and they went with some bangers!

Please welcome: Megan Thee Stallion, Lil' Jon, and Lil' Kim. Ha!





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