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March litters incoming!

March is the month of new life for RVF! Last blog post was an update of the 3 breedings we recently completed, and today's blog post is the results from those.

Zola x Dozer - Confirmed! - Due 3/14!

Pollie x Dozer - Confirmed! - Due 3/28!

Ava x Smalls - Missed. :(

Sadly, we missed Ava for the second time in a row. And we used different studs both times, both of which are RVF in-house owned and proven. So we know its Ava, we just don't know what or why yet. I will say this, we absolutely trust God's plan and timing. It isn't uncommon to miss the first or second attempts with females for a whole slew of possible reasons, and sometimes its just as simple as letting their body learn how to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

So while we let Ava re-group for the next attempt, we are getting ready for the new babies. And we're all SO proud of our young stud Dozer! Zola was his first ever breeding, and Pollie was his second, and he killed it on both! Pollie and Zola are both having second litters, and their firsts were gorgeous and consistent, so we really cant wait to see how that lines up with Mr. Dozer. It's been a couple months without babies around here and we are very ready!

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