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Blue Fawn Dreamboat DILLON

Dillon and his brother Danny are the LAST TWO boys we have available at this time. They really do have super similar personalities, just opposite coloring. Dillon is the classic blonde bombshell dude, in a frosty blue fawn. We love his kind eyes, attentive awareness of where we are, and desire to be with us just as much as he equally desires playing with the other dogs. He's neither dominant or submissive, just a really easy middle of the pack guy. He's adventurous and playful enough that we would say he'd like a home-life with a certain amount of stimulation, and plenty of people and other animal socializing. He'll be extremely loyal and is incredibly smart. He's such a correct, square, balanced French Bulldog puppy and a perfect balance of both parents, RVF Dansie and RVF Ozzy. We estimate he'll be right around the 22 pound mark full grown. 775-815-8507 - Get ahold of Garrett directly here for more on Dillon!

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