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Happy Retirement to Ozzy!

Sharing today about our RVF stud Ozzy! This sweet boy has been such a wonderful addition to our program the past year, and helped us really dial in a few things we were working on. He gave us so many beautiful, healthy, and sweet babies… including several keepers that will continue his RVF legacy. While we had more of a 2-3 year plan for him, his guardian family had a relocation opportunity to move from here in NV to TX, and they didn’t want to leave him behind which is totally understandable. We worked it out, and released him early so that they could move and he could retire early and go with them. So as of yesterday, he’s officially neutered and retired! We are sad to see him go and definitely had more breedings planned for him, but everything works out as it’s meant to. He has an amazing family and will have the best time being a French Texan! Thank you for all you’ve done for us RVF Oswald Beau Bocks, we love ya buddy!

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