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Puppy Go-Homes

It was such a busy weekend sending puppies home from the Dansie x Ozzy litter. We met some really great people and sent babies all over the U.S. from Oregon, to Texas, to Tennesse. I thought I'd share a little of that go-home vibe, even though they're crappy cell phone photos. Ha! So the Dean machine was first to go-home, and we met his Dad here at the Reno airport, and they hopped a flight back home to TN. They named him Moose and he has a brother named Bear at home. Love that!

The next day was wild because we sent 3 home all in one day! Dorothy was first and she got to go to the baseball fields with us first thing in the morning where her new parents met us, and loaded her up to hit the road back home to Central Oregon. This was before they got there, we found ourselves with some extra friends that couldn't resist the puppy love either!

And then at home with her forever kiddo. It sounds like she's named her Lilly. So cute!

Next was another afternoon trip to the airport, this time with Dixie to meet her Momma and fly home to TX!

Last send-off was Dillon, who is now officially Wallace. So good for him! He is staying with a local couple which is wonderful too!

We are missing one, Danny. Who has a forever family as well, but he gets to go home in a few days. He's lone wolf for now, except he has KitKat to keep him company in the meantime :) Oh, and I guess technically, Daisy was the first to "go-home", as she was the RVF keeper of this litter and she went to Dr. Kristi personally! Here's the best photo that cracks me up of Doc's hubby Justin, baby Daisy the Frenchie, and their youngest baby Emma Jean.

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