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A check-in with Sunnie's litter at 2 1/2 weeks!

While Kerri is home in the throws of the first week with Wilma and her new puppies, G and I are home on this end with Sunnie and her pups and cruising into week 3 with them this weekend. Eyes and ears are open, they are just starting to notice each other and interact, and are realizing they can make noises now too. Its pretty cute! Still exclusively nursing Momma, and Sunnie is a phenomenal Mom so she keeps them fat, clean, and happy. Our job is mainly to make sure Mom is comfortable and has everything she needs and wants. Around week 4 we'll introduce solids and de-worm them, which also means litter pan introduction and a bit more mess. Its a whole other stage, so basically this is the calm before the next storm of puppy rearing, Haha. We'll take it! Here's a pupdate on Yukon, Spud, & Julienne in this sweet calm and easy stage! ;)~

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