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Adventure Frenchies & Frenchtons!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

You can't imagine the shit show it was for 4 of us to get this shot, but we gal darn done it! Poppy, Posie, Luna, Kitty, Pollie, and the queen VioLatte. Poppy is Luna's daughter and they are the Frenchton side, while the others are full Frenchie and of course Pollie is Kit's Momma. Posie Kaye is an RVF full in house baby as well, but her Momma Lex actually bought her originally and just spayed her per what usual owners do. So she was never part of the program like her sister Poppy, but she's still every bit a part of the family! So while our friends were in town last weekend and we were exploring timbuktwo, we gave 'er a go. It was honestly super annoying at the time but now I am glad we did it, haha.

6 Frenchies and Frenchtons in a Fall setting
Photo of a group of French Bulldogs and Frenchtons on a Fall adventure day in the country.

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