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Blue Brindle Frenchie boy Danny!

Danny! It’s been 2 weeks since I updated photos and posted these guys so… it’s about high time. Danny is actually ready to go home officially this weekend too. 1st set of puppy vacs, full clinical Vet health clear, AKC papers, all that good stuff. Danny is a dreamy, athletic built blue brindle French Bulldog fella. 100% litter box trained, super outgoing and adventurous. Yesterday outside playing G turned around and he just helped himself right into the puppy/kiddy pool. So safe to say he loves water just like his Momma Dansie as well! He almost has more of a Frenchton personality even though he’s full Frenchie….just in his energy and spice, athleticism and confidence. He’s still a huge cuddler who melts for us, and wants to be right at our feet sidekickin’ and going along with us. He’d be one that would really want to be with you and go with you everywhere. Anyway, private message us here for more details on him, or directly at our Rogue Valley Frenchies line: 775-815-8507

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