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Kitty Kat the Frenchie Puppy!

Well guys, it’s official…Kitty is staying!!!! G finally said yes to us, haha! I really was obsessed with this little one from the minute she was born. But as she grew up she stole my heart in a whole different way! And I’ve had a lot of puppies and litters over the years and I’m used to handing babies off… yet this one just stung in a whole different way. But I still tried. And G finally just said ok, I can see it. I can see you trying and I can see how hard it is. She already thinks she’s ours and lives here anyway, plus she’s like physically phenomenal. But the icing on the cake? She’s Pollie’s (G’s heart dog) Daughter, and VioLatte’s (my heart dog) Granddaughter. She’s the combination basically of both of our special girls and her temperament is the absolute best. So she’s MINE! She’s all mine!! And she will stay here forever with G and I and the boys, and her Mom and Gramma and Auntie Luna. I’m in LOVE! G and I have original girls at home with us, so Kitty is actually our very first personal keeper from one of our own full in-house litters. That’s really special to us!! Please officially welcome Kitty Kat Beebe!!!!

Three generations of French Bulldogs

As of this post KitKat is 19 weeks, almost 5 months. Throwbacks are still as crazy even in that short amount of time, so for fun lets look at baby Kat growing. Immediately after birth (c-section). Her color was incredible from the get-go!

Frenchie puppy minutes old after c-section delivery

& then at about 6 weeks....

Black and Tan Merle Frenchie Puppy Portrait

And around 8 weeks....

Close-up Frenchie puppy face shot with floral collar

And around 12 weeks here in the pearls.

French Bulldog Puppy in pearls

Her adult glow-up is going to be just as cool but for now she gets to just be my baby and we are so happy she is an official part of the family and team!

3 generations of Frenchie girls

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