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Miss Dixie, the Frenchie puppy.

We’ll give today's spotlight to sweet Miss DIXIE. 🩷 This angel baby is also ready to go home as soon as THIS weekend, with her first set of puppy vacs, full Veterinarian clinical health clear, utd deworming, and AKC papers of course. Dixie is one of the easiest sweetest kindest pups you’ll find! She’s a doll baby, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, is curious and playful and silly, but overall just pretty low key and mainly sweet as pie. She gets along so great with everyone and would be a really easy addition to your life/family. She has a gorgeous pretty face, and looks a ton like my VioLatte as a baby, and Doc’s Ava as well. Outside of that she’s cobby, square, and beautifully correct! For more on her, holler at the RVF line: 775-815-8507

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