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Please welcome Biggie Smalls the red sable stud!

Surprise!!  Please welcome to the Rogue Valley Frenchies crew, our newest stud Mister BIGGIE SMALLS!!!!! We are absolutely stoked for him to join our lineup. Do you recognize him? He’s the stud Kerri picked and used for her Wilma litter, so Dolly & Rubble’s Daddy.  We could not be more thankful to Laurel Canyon Kennels for allowing us the opportunity to obtain him! Meaghan did such a great job with him and as well socialized and behaved as he is, it’s clear she put the time and effort into loving him the same way we do ours.  He’s an exceptional 20 pounds of redhead perfection with a heart of gold, and he’ll be joining Kerri’s family at home. Welcome to Team RVF Smalls!!!!

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