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Yukon, Spud, & Julienne 4wks

Our little potatoes are a month old this weekend, and man they haven't missed a beat! If anything they're ahead of the curve and crushing their developmental stages. This weekend we started solids - just supremely moistened kibble, and introduced the litter box and early potty training! Momma Sunnie is starting to wean them, telling them no, establishing new boundaries with them that she didn't have drawn before...and all of the things that lend to a completely natural and ideal weaning process. It also means we only have ONE month left with them ourselves before they head off to their forever families! The most bittersweet! We love them so much and will soak in every last minute of what's left of our time with them.

Yukon, our resident cream puff - is currently pending for one of our reservation listers. Here are his current month old pics, and then a couple throw backs to the early days of his first month.

Then we have Spud, who is RESERVED and going to a repeat RVF family who we love so much! His forever name will be Rocky! Here's Rocky over the past month.

And last but definitely not least, as the only girl of this litter sandwiched between two brothers, our princess Julienne! This little blue brindle beauty is the only one we have AVAILABLE at this time! Ready to go home after 12/12 with her 1st set of puppy vaccines, full clinical Vet health clear, AKC papers, and all that jazz. Let's look at her sweet last month here on earth.

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