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Wilma's little Flintstones are HERE!

Wilma's Frenchie puppies were delivered on November 6th, 2023 - a beautiful litter of 3 including 2 boys and 1 girl. Kerri stuck with the theme from Momma Wilma, so these little honorary Flintstones we are calling:

FRED: Red Sable (male)

RUBBLE: Red Fawn Merle (male)

PEBBLES: Red Fawn Merle (female)

We are absolutely thrilled with the structure, health, and heads of this litter. The coloring is really rad but, it’s just a bonus to this kind of foundation. This litter continues to be fully reserved/held until we confirm with our reservation list choices in a few weeks, but we will still keep you guys in on all of their pupdates! Going to be really cool to see these ones grow!

Vet Techs with brand new frenchie puppies after c-section delivery

Courtney & Kerri with the brand spankin' new crew!

Behind the scenes vet clinic new frenchie puppies

Dr. Kristi is technically still on maternity leave, but she drove up to the clinic to be here for this. And little Emma Jean got to see her first c-section!

Vet clinic family comforting French Bulldog Momma after delivery.

I also came down for the excitement because I wanted to meet the new puppies, love on Wilma, and get baby Emma cuddles! And give Doc and Kerri any extra hands they may have needed. I love this RVF family pic (missing G though!) that Lynsey got.

Merle  Frenchie with her brand new babies

Good job Wilma!

Red French Bulldog puppies 1 hour old

Top to Bottom: Fred, Pebbles, Rubble.

French bulldog puppies nursing after birth

From the get-go they have been strong and ravenous nursers and Momma has outstanding milk. That's the ideal recipe we're looking for!

A little closer up with FRED. Red Sable male.

& Miss Pebbles. Maskless Red Fawn Merle female.

RUBBLE. Red Fawn Merle male.

Kerri is home and settled in with Wilma and her Flintstones, and while she herself is running on very minimal sleep because whelping is grueling on us too, Willie and the pups are doing really great because of it!

More updates soon, but for now, Welcome to the world babies, and keep up the good teamwork Kerri & Wilma!

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