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Wilma's puppy countdown is ON!

Puppy countdown is ON for Kerri’s Wilma girl!! Wilma is Kerri’s keeper from VioLatte’s previous litter. She kept Wilma and Doc kept sister Ava. Sisters have sisters, yes. Wilma is due on Tuesday, we are expecting 3, and they are all RESERVED at this time. I know, womp womp But that’s why we say if you want a priority position for pick and/or timing, just get on the reservation list officially ahead of time. Then you can take all the time you need waiting for the perfect one at the perfect time. We have a family on the list for an April puppy right now, because that’s the timing they want and they want a priority pick guaranteed for when that time comes. I’ll talk more about the reservation list process in the next post or two but for now…. Just enjoy Preggie Wilmie and help us get excited for new RVF babies next week!

Merle Frenchie in a maternity pose

French Bulldog maternity portrait

Merle Frenchie in maternity portraits in the fall on a bridge.

Frenchie in sunflowers posing for maternity pictures on a tree branch.

Throwing this one in for fun and memories sake.... VioLatte pregnant WITH Wilma, and Wilma just as dramatically pregnant as her Momma yesterday. Gawd we love these girls!

Mother daughter pregnancy comparison french bulldog.

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